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The Power Station is a ultra-low noise regulated linear power supply. The voltage regulator circuitry is built with discrete components. Designed to provide the pure power that can work with devices high consumption such as NUC, streamer, NAS, Mac mini etc.

The good power source can make a huge deifference performance is the fact to admit of no doubt.

Double slot design for more outputs by adding the extra regulator module. 


  • Included Oak wood base manufacturing at Taiwan.
  • Also custom made DC cable by Black Cat Cable.
  • Selected components with the fine tuned module to reach the ultimate performance. 

Power Station Deluxe

AC input
Module Output (Slot 1)
DC Plug (Output)
  • Standard Package included:

    • DC 2.5mm to DC2.5/DC2.1 cable
    • The Power Station unit with 1 Deluxe module in 12V3A


    Macmini Package included:

    • Custom module for the power input of Mac mini
    • Special DC power cable for the Power Station to Mac mini
    • The Power Station unit with the special Deluxe module for Mac mini



    • Start with one 3A module at HKD6,299
    • Start with one High Current module at HKD7,299
    • Optional 2M cable +HKD300

    * The standard length of the Power Supply DC cable is 1 meter.

    * ONLY ONE MODULE can be use when option with the High Current module according to the large size heatsink.



    • Power Consumption: 120W Max
    • Dimensions: 190 X 170 X 130mm
    • Weight: 4.2kg/each
    • 1 year warranty