25iR / 25iRH

Intergrated Ampifier

Starting at just HKD8,799

25iR is the stereo integrated amplifier with the remote control function.
The evolution of the awards winner, legend design of CLONES audio.

Separated power supply for the remote control.

Improved Power Supply for the main section. 

ALL NEW 25iRH is the high power version of the 25iR.
The power amplifier section is the same design of the 55pm.
It provides more power, more control for the user who need more.

3 unbalanced RCA stereo inputs.

2 sets of high-quality 5-way binding posts will host speaker cables

with banana plugs or spades,

or just bare speaker wire.

"If you are in the market for a wonderful sounding integrated amp with a manageable footprint and built to a standard beyond its price point, put the CLONES 25iR on your very short list.

The CLONES Audio 25iR is simply a $1200 magic box. It offers plug and play enchantment that is hard to come by. Highest Recommendation."


-Andre Marc (Audio Video Revolution)

Do not judge this integrated by its size. Anyone having second thoughts must just lift it up. Thats the first sobering factor and explain my “little tank” labeling. Next 25IR self promoting and self positioning act happens with the listening. Involving factor of 25IR integrated positions puts it the envy worth of throne for its true musical and emotional packed DNA origin.

-Matej Isak (Mono and Stereo)

"I'm not sure how to answer that question myself and that's why I spent a lot of time comparing head-to-head how resolving this amplifiers were. As for 25iR – it is resolving, all right, but not 'high-end resolving'. Due to very good selectivity and amazing richness of the sound performance seems complete, like nothing is missing. So if we take resolution into consideration one has to pay more, much more to be fully satisfied. But considering price/performance ration resolution is fantastic."

-Wojciech Pauta (High Fidelity)


"Handmade in Hong Kong to a quality of build that wouldn’t look out of place at three times its humble price of $1295, Clones Audio’s little 25iR integrated amp is attractive. It might not boast the most sophisticated circuit design, but that hardly matters when so much good sound can be had for so little. With an ultraclear midrange, linear treble response, and an uncommonly low noise floor, it sounded delightful. Its 25Wpc also proved powerful enough to satisfy all but my loudest listening needs, provided I partnered it with speakers of at least moderate sensitivity. While the 25iR didn’t provide the most impactful bass, I’m confident that it could serve as the highly competent anchor of any small hi-fi system. Color me impressed. I have little doubt that Clones Audio’s creations will find -- and deserve -- many friends."

-Hans Wetzel (SoundStage!Access)

  • Output power:  
    25iR- 25W+25W (8ohms)
    25iRH - 50W+50W (8ohms)

  • Input impedance: 10k ( unbalanced only, 3 inputs )

  • Gain: 30dB

  • Dimensions:170(w)x100(h)x180(d)mm

  • Weight: 6.0kg

  • 5 year warranty




AP2 / 55pm

Preamplifier / Mono Power Ampifier

Starting at just HKD8,799 (AP2) / HKD9,999 (55pm)

AP2 preamplifier offers a significant step forward

in capturing the subtleties, nuances, and emotions of music.

All aspects of the signal flow are enhanced

with lower noise and distortion figures,

offering a rich and vibrant audio experience.

"On the very positive side, it was clean, clear, and transparent, with liquid-sounding mids, tight, extended, superbly well-defined low frequencies, and a good sense of pace; on the slightly negative side, the overall presentation occasionally verged on sounding lean, with slightly tipped-up highs, which could become a mixed blessing on recordings that were already overcooked in this region. Also, in absolute terms, image depth was not as well-developed as I would have liked. Nevertheless, it offered silver-disc sound that was consistently enjoyable and frankly – for the money – truly astonishing."

-Neil McCauley (Hifianswer.com)

Summing it up and putting context as succinctly. Clones Audio AP2 preamplifier upgrade matters! Not as giant leap, but as well versed and acting as grand purview of what high-end audio preamplifier can offer.


-Matej Isak (Mono and Stereo)

  • Input impedance: 100k ( unbalanced only, 3 inputs )

  • 1 Output 

  • Dimensions:170(w)x100(h)x180(d)mm

  • Weight: 4.5kg

  • 5 year warranty


55pm is the new mono power amplifier to replace the 50pm.

Separate casing and power supply provides cleaner imaging

and more extension on both ends of the audio spectrum

as your speakers have the power they need

to reproduce demanding frequencies and dynamic range.


Price as a pair.

"In just six words? Okay, I can do this! Yes, these really are giant killers.


A bit more? Well, though I can quite happily live with any number of loudspeakers (I have my favourites, of course), I’m more fussy about the electronics that grace my system. Perhaps because electronics act as a bottleneck on the signal, the quality of an amplifier or preamplifier being far more important than that of a loudspeaker when it comes to preserving or destroying the musical values of that signal. (You can adapt fairly easily to the tonal signature of a loudspeaker; you can't accommodate to a constant layer of electronic grain and hash.)"

-Neil McCauley (Hifianswer.com)

"These are among the best no brainer recommendation for audiophiles, music lovers and audio enthusiasts and I can wholeheartedly give the Mono and Stereo highly recommend award to 55 pm monoblocks. No elaborated contemplating needed. These "guys" work seriously good. Great work again Funjoe!"

-Matej Isak (Mono and Stereo)

"​I was very impressed with the Clones pre and mono combination.

There is a no doubt in the mind that they have a feel of a high end quality sound to them, a strong reproduction of material across the genres I enjoy listening to. They have that certain magic that we as audiophiles strive to obtain from a piece of equipment which is at a real world price."

-Danny Worth (HifiPig)

  • Output power: 55W (8ohms) /100W (4ohms)

  • Gain: 30dB

  • Input impedance: 22k

  • Dimensions:170(w)x100(h)x180(d)mm

  • Weight: 4.2kg/each

  •  5 year warranty

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