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25iR (Discontinued)

AP2 (Discontinued)

55pm (Discontinued)

ASHER DAC (Discontinued)

THE HOST (Discontinued)

SHEVA DAC (Discontinued)
AP1 (Discontinued)

25pm (Discontinued)

PA1 (Discontinued)

25p (Discontinued)

25i (Replaced by 25iR)
CLONES audio
CLONES audio



My system is now finally set-up and have been letting it run and done some serious listening for some time now.


First and foremost,I would like to thank Funjoe for his patience in dealing with my entry level queries,special requests and very importantly after-sales service! :)


I have been researching and auditioning various hi-fi components before I finally took to the plunge and settled on CLONES Audio.


The journey took a while but it was very satisfying indeed.


The AP2, 55PM, ASHER DAC and The HOST (music server) are all made with passion and of superb quality(I would also like to add that the packaging for the delivery was professionally packed - very well cushioned)


The overall design and theme : Totally ZEN...totally cool!


Pound for pound and dollar for dollar...The clones are super-value and sounded superb when stacked against other components of similar price point and power.


The realism and 3D ness of the music is very good and many a times I have mistaken it for the real thing.


Initially, I was listening to my music from my PC through ASHER DAC until Funjoe finally convinced me to listen to the HOST.


It is indeed very nice to reunite and rekindle my senses with a good source; the noise I hear from the PC is instantly non-existence, the separation is obvious and distinct ,soundstage much improved and overall much, much more details.


Never before have I heard Norah Jones and Tsai Chin voice so "up close and personal".


I will continue to tinker with other upgrades and add-ons as I continue on this exciting journey. (can't wait for you guys to roll out your new products)


Once again, my sincere thanks to you,Funjoe and team Clonesaudio for your superior components; professionalism and integrity in dealing with your clients.

Charles Lim - The CLONES system

23 August 2017, Hong Kong

​Used Mac mini with Clonesaudio LPS for playing music files for around two years, this combination was quite satisfied me. One day heard that Clonesaudio released a new product - The Host Music Server. Wondered that how much improvement could be brought if were going to use it to replace Mac mini. Considered a while, made up my mind to try it.


After three weeks, picked up the new toy home. Plug it in and connected to my existing gear. Then plays a few songs with it immediately. That's amazing. A new equipment not running in yet which can win my old Mac mini for a quite far distance already.


Almost a week playing with the new Music server, the soundstage, the quality, the dynamics, and the darkness of the background etc. are much better than the day one. Musics are now more analogue and more enjoyable. Now, when turn my gears on, it is difficult to turn it off.


Highly recommend you give a try.

Eric Lee - The HOST

9 May 2016, Hong Kong

After a week of continuing run-in of the 55PM, I would like to thank for your effort in builidng a beatifully sounded machine.


As compared to my Leben CS300F before, the 55PM drive my Harbeth P3SER effortless.. Except the vocal and the high are not as soft as the 300F, it's image and separation are much better and with sparkling high. The most impressive area is its bass, it have more impact and very articulated firm bass. Due to my speakers are close to wall, I cannot comment on its depth of soundstage but still every details of the recording are crystal clear. Overall, I enjoy of this pair of amp.


Then around 1.5 months of burn in for the 55pm, I found it sounding a lot better, the midrange soften up and like as the tube amp. I can also feel the depth and layer of the soundstage. They partnered well with the Onkyo D-TK10

Ronnie Kwong - 55pm

6 Jan 2016, Hong Kong

The POWER STATION is better in many ways from the earlier version - soundstage is deeper and wider, with much better articulation of dynamics. Background also seems darker, with great tonality. This is a very important component in the computer audio chain.


27 Oct 2015, Hong Kong

I purchased the new Power Station from ClonesAudio two weeks ago. After I got the product, I plug it in and started to play music in my gear immediately. The first impression is very impressive. I cannot imagine that the sound of my gear can be improved that much. The sound is more musical and more dynamics. The extension of high and low frequency is easily audible. The music is lively. After run-in for two weeks, it becomes stable and better.


Power Station is a really sophisticated product and I am happy with it added into my system.


P.S. ClonesAudio also helped me to modify the internal circuit of my Mac for free. What a great services!


20 Oct 2015, Hong Kong

I partnered my MSB UMT with first Generation mPSU to replace the SMPS, the immediate change in sound is much darker background, more fineness in sound, but still not muscular enough, it's quiet and polite and civilised sounding that not offensive and good for extended listening, but still WAY better than the SMPS, until the latest Power Station (that's replacement of mPSU in CLONES audio), even without burn-in, the expansive sound stage coming out immediately, Correction: faster transient response and micro-dynamic is easily audible, it's another level-up, almost perfect in every way, also much cooler than mPSU, you won't go wrong for switch from any SMPS even previous mPSU!!


8 Oct 2015, Distributor of Hong Kong

I come from Bosnia and Hercegovina city of Mostar, former Yugoslavia.  I have to say that your integrated 25i is fantastic and understatement. I can’t believed that this small amp with chips able to provide so beautiful sound. I have two tube amplifiers , SE triode 300B 8w and PP kt 88 100W by Sound carrier from croatian constructor Krklec. I think they need to rest now because replaced by your amplifier. I owned difference integrated amps like Krell, Audio Research, Densen, Roksan , Classe' , Rega… but this little thing is one of the best. It is so musical.  I found that it have the ability to handle all kind of the music. The sound is so full, musical and speedy. Same as the description from the 6moons review. 


Now it plays with other good stuffs: Gamut cd 3 cd player. Proac tablette reference 8 what have incredible with midrange. Isotek power conditioner, Cardas neutral reference speaker cable, PS Audio xtreame statement power on CLONES. The very nice but expensive silver interconnect and power cable with Gamut by croatian constructor Damir Sumič . Now I am really enjoying to the music. The only word for describe the 25i is “musical".

Geza D - 25i

25 July 2015, Yugoslavia

Are you open to a blind date you could call a black box experience with equipment you never heard before buying? For me the decision to take this risk took some time. 


For your reference, the amplification predecessor in my system was an upgraded Dayens Ampino, a well-praised amp with giant killer capabilities. Would the investment for going from one to three little black boxes pay off? The Ampino is known to be fast, lucid and very musical, putting it in the same sonic grounds compared with the Clones. 


In a nutshell, the Clones Trio outclassed the predecessor amp with great ease. It’s not so easy to describe how the black bricks "bring life to the music". I think it’s mainly due to acting as a magnifying glass in two dimensions. The first dimension is micro detail retrieval, clear separation, traceability and great staging. This provides you with very accurate information what has been recorded. I guess all these traits put the Clones into line with other high end equipment and are a high standard prerequisite for the audiophile realms. The second dimension of zooming in is the one that brings a great smile to my face when I turn on the music. Its micro momentum and dynamics. The Clones Trio manages to present all the micro details with great micro dynamics. In my perception it is those colourful and fully embodied micro dynamics which breathe the “life” into the music and distinguishes the experience from a purely high resolution and aseptical presentation of the recorded material. Somehow the inner organic essence of the music is transported during reproduction and listening becomes an emotional experience. 


The Clones Trio of AP2 + 55pm boosted my system to a significantly higher level and I’m really happy that with respect to amplification my audiophile journey has come to an end.


Funjoe, thank you for your remarkable effort and the throughout friendly communication.

Jonas Kleyer - AP2 + 55PM

12 Apr 2015, Switzerland

"Magnepan paired with Clones Audio just a purely coincidence, as I just became dealer of Clones Audio, I have a 25i demo unit undergo burn-in process, paired with KEF LS50, rather than Magnepan MMG as I used a lot of High Power Integrated Amplifier with over 120W of power to drive MMG, but most of them end up stop working by triggering various protection like over-current or over-heated, by the nature of extremely low impedance at low frequency playback, even its smallest brother of Magnepan family.


Later I got my MSB The Analog DAC, with built-in Passive Pre-Amplifier Section, I planned to re-organize my whole system, so a pair of nice Power Amplifiers would be nice addition. In the search of power amplifier, I tried every amplifier I have to the Analog DAC, some with bypass input, while 25i don’t having any bypass, but turn the volume to the maximum still a possible way to made it like a Power Amplifier for the evaluation.


In the evalution, 25i do the job nicely, at lease it will not refuse to work, even at loud tutti passage of orchestral pieces, it will clip but still give comfortable sounding. So 55pm come to my mind naturally, the next thing to evaluate are 55pm pair.


Clones Audio customers know the trade off every well, when 25i/25p/25pm give more magical sounding, while 55pm sound less refine than its smaller brother in return of more muscle, but Magnepan family were not the league of very delicate and refined sounding speaker (unless driving will high quality Tube Power Amplifier at least ten times the cost, Like Conrad Johnson, Audio Research, for example), the sound quality difference between the 25 and 55 family is less than expected.


When the 55pm arrived, funjoe also witnessed the first encounter of 55pm and Magnepan MMG, I give the 55pm an ultimate test pieces as first assignment, Reiner/CSO plays Scheherazade reissue by Analogue Recording on Vinyl, it’s killed a several Power Amplifier and triggered protection. As an Amplifier just freshly out of the box, the Bass region not really in well controlled manner, but better than expected, after the finale, the 55pm didn’t shown any sign of overloading distortion, and the temperature rise was acceptable.


As time goes by, the playback of low frequency simply getting more grip and bass slam with ease, that’s a nice pair of Planar Speaker should be, and the soundstage also opened up, making all the amplifiers paired in the past were lack of power and control.


It’s almost a month of 55pm paired with the MMG, my conclusion is 55pm is more than capable to drive MMG, and it’s thinking of stepping up to 1.7 in near future.


And most importantly, the form factor is excellent, 3 pieces of 25/55/AP1 components can be place on single 19” wide rack platform, to enjoy flexibility of pre-power amplifiers combo in the expense of same foot print of common integrated amplifier, that’s very favorable for small home in Hong Kong.


For the tonal quality, 55pm reminding me sound of the finest pull-push tube amplifier, without the residual noise of tube, hardly heard any hum and hiss from the MMG.


The Magnepan is a strange pair of speaker, the soundstage is the best in the same class, but bass is limited and hard to control if matching with wrong amplifier and misplacement (the room is the cabinet of the panel speakers, back firing sound may cancel with the front firing bass if coupling with the room goes wrong), both contribute to no bass slam impression on some system. Luckily, my listening solved the latter one. 


The High Frequency extension are limited due to Quasi-Ribbon Mechanism, high frequency were reproduced from same Mylar Panel, but thrill and harsh is almost absent from 16/44 to Hi-Rez materials. The tracks of La Campanella from Diabolus in Musica by Accardo, a solid imaging of Violin Solo is simply like playing in front of me, the bowing, breathing and resonance from the wooden body of the Violin is clearly audible and realistic, string never sound thrilling and fatigue, the metal percussions like triangle contains rich harmonics with well-defined positioning, and well dispersion into hall acoustics.


For the midrange, the reference disc of Elgar Cello concerto by Jacqueline Du Pre with LSO under the baton of Sir John Barbirolli, before using with the 55pm, the Cello voicing was never been so attractive, swiftly and colorful bowing technique, to nearly crying tone of Cello in slow passage, and tutti in the finale of the Cello, and Sea Pictures sung by Dame Janet Baker, the high density and voice with projection and penetration power making this recording into another level up.


The reproduction of Orchestral Music is sound much closer to Concert Hall, so the 55pm should be stay with my system in foreseeable future."

Hercules - AP1+55PM​

6 Jan 2015, Distributor of Hong Kong

"It's been a while since the amp arrived but many thanks for an excellent service and equally good amplifier.

Simon Evans - 25i​​

14 Mar 2014​​​, United Kingdom

"Earlier this week, my order of the AP1 and 55pm arrived from you. After listening now for a fews days, I must congratulate you for your efforts in creating these fabulous devices.In my system, they sound both tonally smooth and powerful at the same time, which makes for a very listenable experience. What has been very noticeable is that all members of our busy household are very willing to just stop whatever they are doing and just listen to the music. I guess that says it all."

Brad Semeniuk - AP1+55PM​

8 Mar 2014​​​​​​, Switzerland

"I listen to the music everyday. I thought I had the very good tube amplifier(2A3) already. But after having CLONES I realised that is the best I ever owned in this 20years.



When I listening the Jonny and June Carter. It makes me believe they just standing in front of me, in front of the stage!My dream came true. I think CLONES performing like the set at the priced in EUR10000.



Thank you very much!"

Martin Assmair - AP1+25PM​

23 Nov 2013​​​, Austria

"I have a high end system and as source I'm using a Burmester 979 drive and a Burmester 980src DAC, the sound that I was getting from my Mac mini using top notch cable, usb interface, external clock... was nowhere near my drive .


Finally I decided to give a last chance to computer source by adding a linear PSU from Funjoe and guess what? I now have a serious competitor to my drive.


Thank you Funjoe well done."

Hilal Fetouhi - mPSU​

21 July 2013​​​, France

"mPsu is my best investment in audio so far...After spending 20 minutes to remove the stocked power supply to mPSU, my whole system sounds more vivid and essentially more analogue.  It's the best value upgrade you can get on earth."

Bryan - mPSU​

8 May 2013​​​, Hong Kong

"Listening to my 2012 Mac Mini with external power supply built by Funjoe is adding some pleasure to my CAS system. Sound stage feels cleaner and darker after replacing the built-in power supply of the Mac Mini. Personally I feel it is a good investment to make the hi-fi sound cleaner and adding the benefit of changing the power cord of Mac Mini as well. I am happy to live with this little toy and more aware the importance of “better” power supply to the hi-fi system. Highly recommended!"

Yan - mPSU​

4 May 2013​​​, Hong Kong

"Comparing the 25P with my previous Charlize 2 T-Amp. Obvious improvements include: more details, more treble extension, tighter bass, deeper sound stage, much more power. It was built like a tank, heavy and very thick chassis. Very high performance/price ratio. I am sure more awards will be coming from the Hi-Fi world."

CK Lee - 25P

21 April 2013​​, Hong Kong

"After more than 100 hours of burning in they create a focused image and a huge three dimensional soundstage. From the highest frequencies to the deep and controlled bass the performance is very well balanced. The sound is dynamic, open and crystal clear. From classical music, jazz, pop, rock to electronic music, the monos show themselves as real all rounders. They reproduce all kind of music very naturally and convincingly.


In my system (windows based silent PC with J. River media centre 18, Wyred4Sound Dac 2, CLONES audio 25pm, WLM La Scala) your amps harmonize perfectly with my a little bit warm speakers. Replacing your custom power cords with Vovox textura power cords (1,8 m) even improved the already excellent micro dynamics, the extension on both ends of the audio spectrum and the depth of the soundstage. Powered by the 25pm the La Scalas 'disappear' from the listening room.

For me the 25pm monos are even a greater bargain than the sensational Nanotec Golden Strada SP#79 special & SR speaker cables in double parallel configuration. Combined with easy to drive, tonally synergistic speakers the 25pm are able to compete with the best amps. Considering the asking price  in my opinion the monos are world class (knowing very well, that for some people only the most extensive things can be characterized this way).

Again I thank you very much for sending me these little masterpieces and wish you a very great success with your work. You simply deserve it."

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Martin - 25PM

6 April 2013​, Germany

"I have always been a fan of 47 lab. I have owned the Gaincard three times. The last time a few years ago. In december 2012 I read an article about a gainclone from a new company called CLONES Audio.

They offered a nice looking little amplifier to a very nice price. I bought one.

When it arrived I was impressed with the build quality. A heavy and good looking little brick.

But the best was the sound. It was a very transparent little amp. It sounded like a five times more expensive amplifier. It was open and clear, snappy and fast, and it sounded like real instruments on good records. It did not have the slam and body of some of the bigger and more expensive amplifiers, but on easy to drive speakers it was pretty close.

I am very happy, and love this little amplifier. It is good enough in company with other equipment to a much higher price.


Good luck to Funjoe, and a big thank you from Torry!"

Torry - 25i

15 March 2013, Distributor of Norway

"My new amps arrived at home just two days ago. However they are breaking in quietly, and I can still say the result is awesome. One pair of rogers is good, but with two pairs stacked , you got the sound of large system like WP8. My first amps were totally break in before the second arrived; and I'm sure now this is a perfect match with the Rogers. They totally disappeared, imaging is a stunnig 3D, even with poor records. With good ones, illusion of reality is perfect. High sensitivity to interconnects, my best results with Sommer epilogue. Trying some powercords too, but did not made my mind.

Again many congrats for your good wook, I hope you will have many, many happy customers like me."

Olivier - 25PM

8 Febuary 2013​​, France

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