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Installation Guide for OPPO UDP-203
Step 1 

Remove the Phillips screws on the top (5pcs) of the back panel and the both side panel (2pcs each side) securing the top cover to the chassis.

Step 2 

Disconnect the cables from the switching power supply board.

Step 3 

Remove the Phillips screws (4pcs) on the switching power supply board.

Step 4

Lift and remove switching power supply board from the chassis.

Step 5

Take out the base unit of the PSUPD from the box.

Step 6

Place the PSUPD base unit fit into the screw columns of the switching power supply board. 

Step 7

Tighten up the PSUPD base unit with Phillips screws (4pcs). 

Step 8


Place the insulation sheet to the position where shown on the base unit. 

Step 9

Tighten the 2.5mm Hex screw near the center of the PSUPD main board first to fitting the power transistor on the well position to the insulation sheet. Also fitting the well position for screw columns of the PSUPD main board.

Step 10

Tighten up the PSUPD main board with 2mm Hex screws (4pcs). 

Step 11

Connect the shielding cable to the Earth connection near the IEC socket as photo shown. 

Step 12

Plug the cables back to the PSUPD main board. Aware not to let the AC cable have any contact to the heatsink of the Rectifiers.

Step 13

Now you may plug the AC power cord to the player. You can see the Red LED light up if the everything connect correctly. You also see the red lights on at the front panel as the stand-by mode. Now you can power up the player and ENJOY!

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