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Natural texture
with no character

Only the amplifier of simple configuration and highly damping small enclosure, a clear and solid sound to me skein hearing. As designers aim to achieve a natural texture with no coloring and character from the correctness of the design methods and parts selection.


Also it is reproduce sufficient frequency range, low-frequency extends smoothly to the bottom end, the low-frequency range and resolution that draw air feeling of the kick drum is also clearly is reproduce on track "Jubilation"


In addition, although the sound is more massive to imagine from the size of the unit, but there is no tendency to enlarge the sound image, also the rise of the attack sound in speedy, sound sweet and not feeling compressed.


Feel of freshness from Two of Trombone and piano from direct 2 Channel DSD master, that vividly revived the Ad lib solo of each artists. Tutti of "Bruckner" was recorded in a large hall there is a sense of realism, contrast with the muted portion is also a vivid, sense of scale of size large orchestra hall has also been accurately produced.


This High Cost/Performance product able to stand up against with expensive high-end brand products, so I have great expectations to other models from this company.

The unit is compact but feeling quite weightly, and it's not switching mode Amplifer.


Good S/N ratio, fast raising speed, crispy with plenty of sound density. The piano sound with correct pitch and well-defined body and texture, but not sounding harsh.


Baroque Style Violin and lute also sound crisp, precise spatial information and delicate feeling, even low level details can be reproduce, well blended together into lovely voicing. The extended bass, pitch and tone of high register of stringed instruments, even slight change can be heard with correctly reproduced


However, the reproudction on drum and vocal can be further improve.

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