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Music Server


Starting package at just US$4,839

(Intel i7 / 8GB ram / 500GB SSD)

The HOST II is the next generation music server of CLONES.

Equipped with Intel i7 CPU,

a high performance USB digital audio output,

Ethernet port, SATA and M2 hard disk slot for music storage.

Full linear power supply with the super low noise regulator modules

for main board, USB and hard disk individually.

Clones Audio Host II music server

All New chassis with tiny cube form.
Elegant design with the wooden platform and the Ebony power button.

The combination of the material for reducing the affection of the vibration. 

Providing the solid foundation to the high performance playback.

The great solution for playing

and storing high resolution digital music collections.

Clones Audio Host II music server

Custom headless Linux OS with the ROON Server

provide the direct and trouble less startup.

Just couple few steps of the setup via the Roon application

on any smartphone, iPad, PC or Mac,

to bring you the ultamate music performance

and smooth operation experience.


The HOST II also is the platform for audiophiles

to make his own PC based Computer Audio System.

Clones Audio Host II music server
  • Intel i7 processor

  • Full linear power supply. 

  • Individual regulator supply the main board, USB and the HDD

  • M2 or SATA HHD internal storage option

  • Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port for network connectivity

  • New cube form chassis design

  • Wood made base platform

  • Elegant Ebony power button


• 190mm(W) X 170mm(D) X 130mm (H)

• Weight: 4.3kg (with SATA SSD)

• Music Storage: SATA or M2 SSD

• Digital Output: 1 - USB

• Other I/O: Gigabit Ethernet, USB-C


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