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The PSCAPRI is the ultra-low-noise full discrete power supply kit for the Jeff Rowland Capri series preamplifier (S1/S2). Its good power source can make a huge difference in performance, this is the fact to admit of no doubt. This module is the solution to the one who loves Capri but wants the full linear regulated power supply. 


The PSCAPRI is the best of the upgrade to Capri Preamplifier. It is totally compatible with the original supply. It can be done easily with a few minutes and a few steps of the installation.


NOTE that the module only works with AC100V-120V or AC220V-240V. Work it with the Jeff Rowland PC-1 supply is not allowed. 


The PSCAPRI is the order to build. The estimated delivery period will be around 7-10 working days after ordering. 




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