The PSPLX is the ultra low-noise full discrete power supply kit for
the Pioneer UDP-LX500 and UPD-LX800.


Its good power source can make a huge difference in performance,

this is the fact to admit of no doubt. 
It supplies the clean power to the player,
improves the performance of the video, audio and the digital output.
It is the stepping stone to bring the player to another level.


The layout and design is perfect fitted. It makes the installation is much easy.

You just need few steps without any special tool or any soldering skill.

What you need is just plug and play only.


The PSPLX is ready for the UPD-LX800.

It just need 2 step setup that can make the PSPLX working with the UPD-LX800 completely.

Included the Digtial Direct mode what will power off the analog part.


The heavy duty platform design provide the solid foundation to the module.

Deluxe version with the special selected parts and tuned up to brings the ultimate performance.


Estimated time of shipping: 7-14days